PDXjs June Meeting Recap - Agile JavaScript Testing

09 July 2009

Our June meeting was the first meeting at Kongregate. This meeting was more free-form than most. But Scott Becker talked more about behavior-driven development in JavaScript. He brought up a lot of tools that he hadn’t covered in his previous talk.

Slides from Scott’s talk are online. Scott also drew up this list of links to various tools that are useful for testing JavaScript.

Stuff Mentioned in Presentation

  • Screw.Unit - BDD framework for JS, RSpec-like

  • Smoke - mocking and stubbing framework, RSpec-like

  • Blue Ridge - Rails plugin - tie in JS tests with the rest of your rails tests. Bundles Screw.Unit, Smoke, and env.js.

  • Rhino - JavaScript interpreter written in Java

  • env.js - JavaScript-based DOM implementation. Useful for automating tests.

  • js-test-driver - parallel cross-browser JS test server

Further possible exploration for JS / Browser level testing

  • JSpec - another BDD framework like Screw.Unit, with cleaner syntax

  • JSocka - mocking and stubbing, mocha-like

  • Selenium - browser-driven automated testing; complaints about brittleness of tests

  • Windmill - browser-driven automated testing

  • Watir - browser-driven automated testing

  • Johnson - Headless browser, uses ruby to load your html and execute your javascript. But I’m not sure how flexible / full featured this is.

  • Celerity - JRuby interface to HtmlUnit, a Java-based headless browser with JavaScript support

  • Culerity - A bridge between Cucumber and Celerity. Basically re-implementing the webrat helpers to drive Celerity.

  • Webrat - Selenium driver

  • FireUnit - JavaScript Unit Testing Extension for Firebug

  • TestSwarm - Distributed Continuous Integration for JavaScript

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